send me roocasts

Just follow the instructions to the right and you'll have roocast in no time!

podcast clients

There are many podcast clients available to help you manage your podcasts and download subscriptions. As long as your client supports RSS2 it will work with podcasts. Here are a few to check out:

more info

There is lots and lots of info about podcasts, what they are, and why they have become so popular. You don't need much to enjoy podcasts on your favourite digital device, but here is some background info worth checking out.

one click with iTunes

You can get your roocasts directly in iTunes, simply click the link below and you'll be taken to the roocast page in your iTunes software.

To use one click subscription you must be using iTunes v4.9.

Don't have iTunes? Well get with the cool kids:

No iTunes? No worries

If you're using a podcast client other than iTunes, simply copy and paste the feed URL and add it to your favourite RSS podcatching application:

Check your iTunes Podcasts Preferences tab to select the downloading options, and the iPod Preferences if using an iPod.

For other podcaching clients, follow your normal process.