Place Invaders: Shifter
Shifter chat with Roocast live from SxSW 2006.
By: Tony George

Joel and Mickey fill us in on the amazing time that SxSW is, and how crazy Austin is at this time of year. "If your a music fan you have to come to Austin!".

Shifter chat about being un-signed (in fact they were the only un-signed Australian band at SxSW this year), and how that can be an advantage and a disadvantage when trying to be a full time musician.

Shifter are renowned for their live show - and draw influence from the Stones and AC/DC. In this Podcast they give us the secret to their live show.

The band select Butter and Who's gonna take you home for you to hear in this exclusive Roocast.

Checkout Shifter online:


The podcast was organized in conjunction with Austrade's Australian Music Office.