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Australian Music Podcasts

Australia has a rich and valuable music history and culture. From Johnny O’Keefe to Jet, our artists take the best (and sometimes the worst) of Australia to the world. Roocast gives Aussie bands some extra exposure to a bigger audience.

Roocast is Australian music podcasts.

Australia is keen on music, and Melbourne is the heart of it. Roocast is based in South Melbourne where rock and roll in Australia was born and raised - a few blocks from Mushroom Records and Metropolis Audio, with the Espy and Prince of Wales just down the road. A wild and colourful history of Australian music surrounds the roocast home. We want listeners to hear new music from Australia on their iPods and other MP3 players.

Roocast is the New Airplay
The New Airplay

The power of podcasts is in their time shifting nature. Unlike radio before it, the power to have the content you want (on your digital music player or computer desktop), when you want it unleashes a new power in music airplay cycle of radio-to-ownership.

Roocast is the new airplay.

Engaging and entertaining shows build a base of loyal and eager listeners that are hungry for the next installment. The audience determines when to "tune in".

Music Discovery

Since the success of digital music players, and in particular the iPod, the path to music discovery has been lost. Listeners are switching off their radios.

Roocast is music discovery.

Innovative programming and charismatic presenters re-ignite the listeners interest in music. They have a reference point on their digital music player when looking for the next music purchase, either via traditional means or digital download.

Posted: August 12, 2005

Posted: August 04, 2005